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Change comes from those who do things different. Like Hendrix learned to play the guitar by ear, AUX paved their own way, stemming from the world of art.

With a unique perspective and attention to detail, AUX turns a practical necessity into an important means of expression. Because what you wear at work reflects the company, and what company doesn’t want to look spectacular?

THE story

The first collection AUX made was an order from renowned Stockholm restaurant Riche. After that, the wheels were set in motion as word spread and one order turned to a flurry of new customers. AUX found a blind spot on a market that they wanted to challenge. Today they have more than 30 years of experience, and they still push the boundaries of corporate fashion.

THE core idea

At the center of AUX lies a combination of a high fashion level and sustainable products. This promise of quality might sound like a promise any company would give, but far from everyone owns up to it. To AUX, this is imperative. The balance between clothes with a long lifespan and an exclusive feel is delicate, and is achieved by carefully selecting the best materials from the best suppliers.

By thinking with a long-term perspective, quality is an investment. The most efficient way to both save money and reduce the environmental impact is to work locally (from a global perspective) and to cut back on wasteful behaviour. What benefits the environment the most is keeping the material consumption down. Fabric with a higher quality keeps its color and shape longer, prolonging the life of the garments. Basically, quality clothes last longer, look good longer and are more kind to the environment. Producing alternatives with a shorter life span just doesn’t make sense, does it?

THE method

Every collaboration is unique. That’s why AUX start out by getting to know you. Depending on how you want to be perceived, AUX develops a collection that reflects your company’s character.

The best way to understand what your staff needs is to look closely at how they work and ask for their input. Depending on what problems your staff encounter, AUX develops different smart solutions. Is the apron constantly getting in the way? Do the shirts need to be extra long? After gathering the necessary information, a sample product is produced. No collection is finished until AUX has made sure it works as well in practice as in theory.

THE garments

At the end of the day, the most important part of AUX are their garments. They have to add a feeling of extravagance and fit perfectly no matter size or body type. When they do that, they turn your staff from employees to ambassadors. How your staff wear their clothes is a reflection of how they represent your company. With a uniform from AUX, they’ll wear them with pride.

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