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AUX has made workwear garments for Pontus Frithiof and the Pontus Group for close to two decades, going in on our 17th year now.


It’s a dynamic collection that has been altered, updated and that has evolved over time.


Our collaboration began with a competition launched by Pontus Frithiof among a number of suppliers. AUX won. 


Since then, AUX has created a multitude of textile products for the Pontus Group spanning from interior textiles for the restaurants to super versatile garments for the catering staff at Från Pontus, a catering company run by the Pontus Group working with larger events, both within the entertainment industry and the business sector. As the staff at larger events often are temporary, the challenge was to develop a flexible unisex outfit with an exclusive feel that embodied all of which the Pontus brand stands for. Quality throughout.

The solution was a jacket with a unique construction in the back, making it adaptable depending on gender as well as body type. It also featured a replaceable collar band that could be altered depending on the event, making it infinitely customisable.

“If we were to sum up the work AUX have done for the Pontus Group in three words, it would be commitment, commitment, commitment!”

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