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Since day one, Elite Hotels have been dedicated to offering their residents an experience defined by flair. This classic hotel environment called for a classic line of uniforms, but with a modern touch and a premium feel.

In consultation with CEO and founder Bicky Chakraborty, AUX developed a uniform based on a classic suit. To take it one step further, the lapels were made in a deep duchess satin reminiscent of those on a 1920’s tuxedo. The cuffs featured Elite Hotels four-star logo instead of buttons, once more reminding both guests and staff that the devil is in the details.

“Using our existing graphic profile and the feel of our hotels, AUX has managed to transfer the whole ”Elite expression” to the uniforms in a way which has surprised not only our staff but also our guests in a very positive way.

We can, without reservation, recommend AUX as a complete business partner in the design, manufacture and supply of high-end tailored uniform garments for the hospitality industry.”

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